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Thursday, January 31, 2002

there is a very good lovage article on sonicnet that should be read by anyone curious about this project and how it came to be. so does anyone want a cool poster reproduction of a painting my mother put together? of course you do! go here and check it out and for heaven's sake, buy one! it is cheap, well worth the money, and it is a great decorative addition to your pimp pad. the least you can do is visit the site and compliment the isht out of my mother. she will love you for it! =) consider that a plea/request from kriheli!

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

RKriheli: i cannot believe this an actual story published on cnn. have people lost their minds?
RKriheli: hmm, let me see... lets ban an intangible force
aelitnof: LOL
aelitnof: well if satan is banned, we should ban god too.
RKriheli: i wonder if god is down for bingo tonight
aelitnof: *laughs*
RKriheli: i need to go to that town and make some noise
aelitnof: hell, i'm right there with you.

on the other hand... i am convinced all this unusual death activity in the past 3 years parallels some biblical prophecies of rapture. while not exactly matching it word for word, something profound is happening. now do i sound like a lunatic like the folks of inglis, florida? sheesh!

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

65 degrees in late january in nyc is unheard of. yet it is materializing before my eyes. i love it. this is ideal weather - wish it were like this year-round. one of the reasons i loved miami in the winter was because of this kind of weather. unbelievable. is there any place in the world that you get year-round 70 degree temperatures without having to deal with the west coast of america... please let me know. i just might take up residence there. my mood is even better when i am hit wit this kind of climate. right on.

Sunday, January 27, 2002

Lajja: i had munchkins last night
RKriheli: nice
Lajja: the jelly ones mmmmmm
RKriheli: never had those
Lajja: your missing out
Lajja: you should get some they're goood
RKriheli: i was born missing out
Lajja: lmao

Saturday, January 26, 2002

last night was a mess, after getting home late in the evening, my stomach was a mess. a complete war-zone inside. have no idea why. but i could not sleep until way into the morning. i am better now, but it still is somewhat bothering me (not to the point it was last night). i was told that a stomach virus is going around. ugh. can somebody help me. i tried pepto. i tried alleve. and i hate using any kind of medication/suppressent. i am now preparing some tea in hopes of subduing this nastiness. anyway... two big shout outs to resha and drew for giving me props on my site. visit their sites. they are cooler. way cooler.

Friday, January 25, 2002

went out with paulie and derek at fez in the upper west side. was originally going to see paul ruderman in concert but plans got scratched. sorry paul. i'll check it next time. you all gotta check out paul's album, "wish", -- it is an excellent work from an exceptional musician, in a time where the industry is saturated with garbage.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

put in some work today with r/ga doing some quality assurance for their sites. freelancing is a pain. i could use some consistent fulltime work. it has been a while and its starting to really pick at my nerves. cool to hang with shag again, though. the financials for kriheli are dwindling with no real solid prospects on the horizon. what to do, what to do? prostitution perhaps? any ideas... send them to me. they will be most appreciated.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

ignorad - the military screw-up nobody talks about by scott shuger of is an excellent article. in this time of outward patriotism, we must really investigate the facts and learn about our own government/military's objectives. the true face of the peoples in charge may never be revealed because they are masked by the media and ignorance/naivety. our country is the one to blame for all the trouble that we have endured on september 11, and quite frankly... throughout the history of our nation.

Monday, January 21, 2002

yay. my new york mets pulled off another trade-raping with milwaukee and colorado. improved on the team tremendously. i cannot wait for this season to come. spring training is right around the corner and i don't ever remember being this excited. here's a little jpg of the new look mets. upgrade, baby! ok... i think its enough sportsblabbing now - i'm sure no one wants to hear it. much love out to dr. martin luther king jr. - wherever he is. oh... and i'm a sugar glider. cool. my sister had a few of those. what obscure animal are you?

Sunday, January 20, 2002

i have this ridiculous craving for dunkin donuts hot chocolate. what stinks is that all the stores that are close by my apartment close in the evening... and my craving usually kicks in during the wee hours of the night which means i have a long ass walk to get to a 24-hour dd. it sounds somewhat appealing tonight, however, for there is nothing more relaxing than having hot cocoa or coffee on a cold winter night, while strolling along the snow covered streets of queens.

Saturday, January 19, 2002

over the last month or so, i have been (in my estimation) unproductive and uninspired. i am now trying to use this to my advantage. i am cranking out a new set of poetry pretty shortly (almost completed) entitled 'closed sundays' which basically is inspired from being uninspired. sick eh? the writing so far has been very dull, in my opinion, but i like it. its true. something very real about it. i will try to have it all uploaded by tuesday if i can wrap it up by then. in other news... wait... there is no other news. oh well.

Friday, January 18, 2002

i received a buttload of homemade cookies today by fedex courtesy of ms. funky lala a.k.a. angela (and her sister). they were awesome. thanks girls! you rule. saw an amazing show last night from lovage (featuring my boy, mike patton, dan the automator, kid koala and jennifer charles) at the bowery ballroom in downtown nyc. mike patton was in rare form... having fun with the audience and doing a crazy cover of "i'm real (remix)" with patton doing jlo vocals and jennifer charles doing ja-rule. very interesting. top it off with a suprise guest appearance by maceo, from de la soul! too much.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

not the chinh you scratch!... haha. chinh, you so crazy! mah-sista from the lonestar state is my little design disciple, and oh my how she has grown. i think i created a monster. at least she's not uninspired like yours truly. nice flowers. looks like chinny-chinh has a little admirer. boy does this cat not know what he is getting himself into. poor poor guy. =)

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

david and lisa gave me a copy of harry potter book 1 as a gift, insisting that i read the book that i have since been reluctant to. they were telling me how good it is, yada yada... now i will have to find out on my own. i trust both of their judgements so i hope i won't have to kick their @$$es.

Monday, January 14, 2002

yum. today kriheli checked out joe's shanghai in flushing, ny for kin's (grace's husband's) birthday. that particular restaurant, unbeknownst to yours truly, supposedly housed the best soup dumplings in new york. after giving them a try, i must agree hands down that they are great. i tried some in chinatown a few years back with vatchpol and those were cool too (can't remember the restaurant name) but joe's shanghai (with review) has something pretty special. all those in the nyc area who have never been to this joint, i highly recommend it. i'm full... and i'm tired. food makes me tired. off to rest.

Sunday, January 13, 2002

taken from an employment opportunity at foxwoods resort & casino in connecticut:

description: Under the supervision of the Bingo Floor Supervisor, the incumbent is responsible for the sale of bingo paper within an assigned area on the bingo floor. High School diploma or GED required as well as previous money handling experience

sounds intimidating, doesn't it?

Thursday, January 10, 2002

i picked up some momentum in the writing dept for the first time in a while. i have hit a period for quite some time where i was uninspired and the creative writing (if any) has been pretty flat. but today was a different story. it was madness. kinda cool because it kept me off the computer wasting time on things that barely interest me anymore (design). in any case i worked hard in trying to wrap up two sets of poetry; entitled "closed sundays" and "body language" respectively (they will be posted when done). i also finalized some parts of my inky epic storyline. the skeleton of the story has been done for quite some time, but some details were still hazy and needed work. glad to have solved some of those as the cartoon is taking full form -- i am very proud of it.

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

shakespeare is back home after his little operation and is in good spirits. running about freely and playing like normal. he appears overjoyed to be home again but i could be reading into things too much... after all, he is a dog. i still feel guilty taking away his manhood, but at least it is shortly before he is six months old, so he does not have a clue. does it justify it? probably not. but it does help me sleep better at night knowing he is not going to be howling or crying from the urge to reproduce in the future. i am debating putting up a puppy cam in place of the stupid webcam to your right... it would be much cuter, thats for sure. stay tuned for more monstrosities that will grace this excuse for a personal homepage.

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

i have to rant about a sports issue for the day (sorry). particularly because i have a bone to pick with a certain ballplayer. juan gonzalez is a phoney. "my heart is in new york.... especially after september 11" -- juan, how dare you use comments like that and turn your back on the new york mets after they did everything they could to give you an offer? i am not surprised because i didn't like the faker to begin with. i am happy with the offseason moves... mainly with getting MO VAUGHN to new york! mo mo mo! he rules. ok... let me turn off that rant... on another note, i got a pepsi today. but i have been good overall about it. the addiction will fade. i can feel it!

Monday, January 07, 2002

yay. kriheli v9.0 the newest incarnation for this excuse for a homepage. once again ditching the frames that i cannot stand for this particular site. back to the easy access site with all the info loaded into one jam-packed page. any suggestions/comments... please email me. oh, and i know it is damn dark and hard to read. i like it that way... because that is my current mood... dark and hard to read. there. the background music is courtesy prince & npg music club entitled "the war," - a live track circa 1999. if it bothers you, turn down your speaker volume or leave this site. i think it works with the current theme of this site. i dig it.

Sunday, January 06, 2002

picked up a copy of the hobbit today... the prelude to "the lord of the rings" series as per my fascination generated from yesterday's events (read: blog from 01.05.2002). haven't started reading it yet, but it will definitely be the text of choice whenever i hit any kind of long/slow commute on the nyc trains. my little doggie is getting neutered tomorrow morning and i was advised not to feed him the night before surgery. he looks pretty restless this evening, assuming its out of hunger and not anxiety over losing his stuff. i really hate the fact that i have to do this. i have weighed the pro's and con's of it and unfortunately i was swayed in the direction of the knife. poor shakespeare - he has no idea. fortunately after the fact, he will have no idea as well (considering he is not even six months old yet). if anyone has any last minute pleas to convince me out of this horrid act... please do so here!

Saturday, January 05, 2002

just checked out lord of the rings finally. i must say i was impressed with the film despite my unfamilarity with the novels and subject matter. flowed very well for such a lengthy film (that is always a good thing). i am anxious to see the next installment and will probably pick up the tolkien novels and see if i can read them sometime soon (as i have several things i'd like to read before that trilogy). it was a masterful little tale - not as complex as i thought it would be as i believe it followed a certain formula that i cannot seem to put my finger on. almost played out like one of those adventure video games... like legend of zelda. it was captivating though and the effects were amazing. i would have been in complete awe as a youngster had i seen something of this magnitude back in the day. interesting view: the underworld segment had a very homer-like feel to it, dont'cha think? or maybe milton-like? anyway... i am semi-hooked.

Friday, January 04, 2002

goodbye word history: "no doubt more than one reader has wondered exactly how goodbye is derived from the phrase “god be with you.” to understand this, it is helpful to see earlier forms of the expression, such as god be wy you, god b'w'y, godbwye, god buy' ye, and good-b'wy. the first word of the expression is now good and not god, for good replaced god by analogy with such expressions as good day, perhaps after people no longer had a clear idea of the original sense of the expression. a letter of 1573 written by gabriel harvey contains the first recorded use of goodbye: “to requite your gallonde [gallon] of godbwyes, i regive you a pottle of howdyes,” recalling another contraction that is still used." - it was certainly not the last.

Thursday, January 03, 2002

all of a sudden, once again, i have hit a wall in my financial situation. income is not flowing because of the wonderful lack of work that i am running into and now i have to rely on selling stuff on ebay to pay off my bills. nasty. i need some consistent full time work again. its been almost 15 months and running since my last fulltime gig. another reason for being discouraged. so now i am hittin' little lounges and bars around my neigborhood and nearby places with mix-cd's also to try and land a part-time dj gig as well. this would be a good time for inky to take off. once i get that circuit rolling, i should be ok... i think. uncertainty kills.

Wednesday, January 02, 2002

i am seriously contemplating retiring from the graphic design / web business entirely. as some of you might already know, i do this crazy isht for a living, not just leisure stuff you see on this website. but i am tired of this business (or lack there of) and i am looking to concentrate more on my creative endeavors while finding another way to earn a respectable living / income. teaching is the most attractive and fulfilling option i believe that is available for someone of my credentials. i do not forsee graphic design to be completely phased out, as it is a key component to some of my own personal projects. but as far as business is concerned, i am becoming more and more discouraged and disinterested. maybe this is just a phase or i just woke up on the wrong side of the bed... or maybe not. it remains to be seen. for now, i am leaning towards retirement from the field. at age 27. pathetic.

Tuesday, January 01, 2002

hello 2002. man, this year swept by with a quickness... with the last 3-4 months being obviously the hardest. personally, i have little to glow about for the past year so i am pretty psyched that it is behind me (despite my utter disregard for 'time' to begin with). so 2002 is underway, and i am going to dedicate the following year to increased productivity and betterment of self. resolutions? don't really believe in them. however, i think i am going to divorce myself from carbonated soft drinks... particularly pepsi. its a nasty addiction that has loaded up my insides with a little more sugar than desired. i don't really like soda to begin with, but it is just a nasty addiction that has been difficult to kick. my last bottle of pepsi is sitting in my fridge. i hope there is no second thoughts on the matter. i will try my best to be resiliant. a new kriheli. nice. how's that for a 'resolution'? pretty lame, eh? a happy 2002 wish goes out to everybody taking the time to read this awful excuse for a journal.