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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

day one of nanowrimo has arrived and i am about to embark on a fifty-thousand word journey to the depths of my decrepit imagination. i need all the support i can get and i will try and post word-count updates to this blog as well as mood/progress reports. i may post snippets of my work if i am feeling masochistic. i am commemorating this epic journey with the purchase of a spankin' new macbook pro which takes the place of my old faithful powerCrook that was sold last night (via ebay) and shipped this morning (congrats to Heidi Kulsavage who assumes ownership of my ol' workhorse). so with this shiny-new steed, i'm off to the races. so i beg of all those who care to read my blogs to break out your pom-poms and silly uniforms with a big K across your chest and cheer (and jeer) the filthy one on!