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Monday, April 28, 2003

yes, yes.. kriheli is still alive and kickin... and not blogging. blah. been researching masters programs (mfa's) in creative writing recently and i think i am going to make a determined attempt to apply for schools for the fall of 2004. leading the list of schools (but not limited to) are columbia university, new york university, syracuse university (why not? i spent my undergrad days there), vermont college, brown university and others. if anyone has any suggestions for schools that have exceptional writing programs, give me a shout. and wish these schools luck... they will need it when they experience obnoxious kriheli madness.

Friday, April 04, 2003

ok so kriheli is completely recovered from the stupid stomach virus that shelved me for nearly a week. whew. that was damn annoying. the pain in my stomach area that felt like a strain probably came from an episode last week when i tried to force vomit in the hopes of clearing whatever crap i had in my system. since i have never done this before, my body was not prepared or used to it. hence the strain... which eventually faded. now i feel like new again. and i am writing again. which is good. i think. you know... everytime i hear 'bush administration'... i laugh like a grade school degenerate.