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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

as some of you might have known due to my previous journal references on the matter, my co-op complex had been going through quite a difficult time in recent years. there was a fear amongst the shareholders that we were going to collectively lose our investments and be forced to look elsewhere to live. part of the reason i have been quiet in recent months can be attributed to this fear and the stress that came with it. early last month we had a breakthrough in our negotiations, and in court, in which a new investor came through and successfully bid to save our complex and our investments. although it was a very positive time, i wasn't about to pop the champagne until the closing of the deal was met by the deadline. today. now i don't know exactly what went down in the past 24 or so hours, but the fact that no one has lunged from the roof to their death is a good indication that the closing went through smoothly. tomorrow, we are under new ownership and i can breathe much easier knowing that i am not losing my investment, and that i actually have a net worth! in addition, a quick shout out goes to debbie nip and monique williams: happy birthday, you crazy hoes. live it up :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

excerpt from the prologue of "FAITH"

          The body on the ground was not unfamiliar. Pale and cold, she lay on the dingy floor of the Flushing-bound number seven. The others that gathered around had their own whispers and opinions. I am right there with her, envying her position.
          "Hang in there, girl," one of them said kneeling and grabbing hold of her wrist.
          "The paramedics are on the way," said the conductor who already alerted the trains behind us to spit out the "sick passenger on the train ahead" bullshit. She is more than sick.
          The death rattle is kicking in. It is what the doctors would call the accumulation of excess fluid and mucous as the subject breathes in and out. The breaths can get loud and disturbing but so far they are mild, giving the people huddled next to me and around her hope that she will make it through.
          I know she won't. If one of these people knew what they were doing, they can relieve her upper airway rattling with deep suctioning. Guess there is no doctor on board.
          Her breaths are in intervals right now, respiratory patterns common with those about to die. The usual victim takes several breaths, then stops, then takes several more breaths. This pattern is driven by the autonomic nervous system after much of the rest of the brain has already shut down.
          She is at four breaths now, and the patterns will incrementally decrease.
          Why did I let this happen to her?

thoughts/comments? i could use them right about now :)

Monday, June 28, 2004

as you guys might have noticed, this journal/blogsite has a new look. thanks for all the positive comments thus far. i missed having all the content accessible from one page which was the reasoning behind the switcharoo. i know the site looks very bland and basic, but that was the intention behind the redesign. that header image you see at the top will be canned shortly and i will probably go with rotating headers that change everytime the site is refreshed. of course i have to add the blogarchives and an email form to the left-hand side. any other suggestions/comments or whatever will be greatly appreciated as well so don't hesitate to go to town on me.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

zaheer suggested that i post excerpts of this novel-in-progress that i have been slaving over. i am all for the idea if i had the slightest confidence in the work i have thrown together thus far. i have to say that i have had some very strong feedback on excerpts that i have presented to a couple people as well as a local fiction critique circle that i am participating in. but, being that it is a work-in-progress with nothing really finalized, is it wise to post excerpts that can theoretically be stripped down and changed at a later date? is there significant interest in seeing these unpolished excerpts? i am definitely going to register a domain name for the book itself and it will solely be tailored to give this kind of information away... but on this blog/site? let me know and i will consider it.

Monday, June 21, 2004

ZZZZZZZ.... Alright, I know I have been piss-poor about my blog regimen. Not only have I not been updating this site, but the quality of the blogs are crap at best. Less than adequate from someone who claims to be a writer. Granted that most of my energy has been devoted to producing my first long-form novel ("Faith") and trying to solicit new design clientele -- there is still no excuse for lethargy. So I apologize to my dwindling audience that is getting dangerously close to being extinct. But here is my promise: I am going to inject this page with a heavy dose of caffeine starting today and start pumping out entries even if I have nothing to write about. Lyrical vivarin if you will. You might be miffed, bored, annoyed, turned-off, surprised, intrigued, whatever... when reading the forthcoming madness, but at least there will be more content. But I won't be shocked if you guys have had it with me altogether. A word of added warning though: This blog in high doses could cause adverse side effects that can include nervousness, anxiety, headaches and irritability. Oh wait, thats already happening. =/