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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

kendall: Publisher Rejects Young Novelist's Apology
kendall: Do you side with this writer?
rkriheli: the indian girl?
kendall: Yep
rkriheli: well... its a tough call
kendall: Inspired is one thing.
kendall: Copying is fradulent.
rkriheli: agreed. i think she is lying about 'retaining' information
rkriheli: BUT... this is on par with "sampling" in music. she is just using someone else's beats and lyrics here and there. anyone that does that MUST give credit to the original source though.
kendall: ... there were more than 40 passages in Ms. Viswanathan's book "that contain identical language and/or common scene or dialogue structure from Megan McCafferty's first two books."
rkriheli: right. that is pretty deliberate if you ask me
kendall: Sampling Prince is one thing ...
kendall: Hijacking his lyrics, yet another.
rkriheli: at the same time, her book is different and story somewhat different. but this stir is only gonna get her more sales. and THATS what troubles me.
kendall: As with Frey.
kendall: My Friend Leonard is selling like hotcakes.
rkriheli: right. Frey is definitely reaping the benefits
kendall: We've gone about writing and publishing the wrong way.
rkriheli: maybe i should hijack dante's inferno
kendall: I'll sample James Baldwin and Ralph Ellison.
kendall: You can sample ... Chuck and who else?
rkriheli: haha.
kendall: There's hardwork in honesty.
rkriheli: Chuck would kick my ass. I'll pass
kendall: Right