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Monday, April 29, 2002

hot dayyyyuuuuum. i had to get the magazine because of this cover. does that make me a media whore? sheesh. i think i have an unhealthy infatuation with beyonce. i know a lot of you fools don't like her and think she's all fake and isht... but obviously someone who is obsessed like me is not going to see the light (if it exists). ok.. lets tone it down, i am not really obsessed, but she definitely rocks my socks. if there was any toss-up between mya, ananda lewis, aishwarya rai and this girl... it all ended with this magazine cover. ok. let me stop now before i look like a complete jackass. or have i already gone that far? hmmm...

Thursday, April 25, 2002

regarding a site i composed for my friend jose:

Matajose: i have received alot of positive feedback regarding the web site, thank you very very very much
RKriheli: awesome
Matajose: everyone loves it especially the colors
Matajose: you da bomb
RKriheli: i am actually just a cheap firecracker. a bomb would have a fulltime job

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

recently been working on taking my old long-form fiction (novel) idea off the shelf and reworking some areas that were previously jacked up. the novel in progress, entitled "faith" was born five years ago and has been sitting on my shelf for the last two years untouched as my writing (in my opinion) went dry. after recent conversations with friends, some new life has been coaxed out of it... or at least i think. i am still stuck in a section of the novel which i think is bland and does not work, so i will attempt to work solely on that area until i believe its near perfect. right on? hey are you sleeping? i'm sorry... didn't mean to bore the isht out of you. =\

Sunday, April 21, 2002

so whats new? let see... i threw on a new tagboard below the cam archives courtesy of (found on amanda's site - thanks girl) which should make things a little more organized in the tag area, and give me more administrative control over it. yeah, i rule this damn site! still working on a new layout... i composed about 10 of them already, and i am not completely satisfied with any of them, and i will stick to this swanky one until i feel good about a new look. hey! it looks like i am scoping out beyonce in my current cam shot, doesn't it? hey girl! what's shakin? is she smiling at me? =D

Thursday, April 18, 2002

ok... i have a new host in doteasy. if anyone elects to move there... use me as a referral (username: kriheli). =) anyway i am gonna get back into the swing of things with my blogging, as i have not been doing that for a while due to all the transfer bs that i had to go through. with that said and done, all is back to normal. there even might be a new layout coming, depending on if i have time to work on one. in other newz, i have been selected as one of the participants in a survivor-type, online reality game amongst bloggers (most of which are from australia) and i am determined to haul ass on that site... so i am gonna need some support from you peeps. the contest is called "get out of my car" -- so if you are a kriheli supporter, this would be a good time to show your love. =) and, of course i'd be very grateful. oh and root for camielle too... if i don't win, at least one of my linked peeps should. =)

Sunday, April 07, 2002

kriheli is moving! actually, will be moving to a different ISP shortly. there might be a little lag over the next week as the dns and all that junk needs to be changed and i have to move all of my files. so stay tuned ... *** the site will disappear for a day or two during the transfer. i am not hopping ship, as most of you might like me to do. and who knows? i might come back with a different layout as well. peaces.

Monday, April 01, 2002

the only april fool is me. for doing this sore excuse of a site.