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Sunday, January 06, 2002

picked up a copy of the hobbit today... the prelude to "the lord of the rings" series as per my fascination generated from yesterday's events (read: blog from 01.05.2002). haven't started reading it yet, but it will definitely be the text of choice whenever i hit any kind of long/slow commute on the nyc trains. my little doggie is getting neutered tomorrow morning and i was advised not to feed him the night before surgery. he looks pretty restless this evening, assuming its out of hunger and not anxiety over losing his stuff. i really hate the fact that i have to do this. i have weighed the pro's and con's of it and unfortunately i was swayed in the direction of the knife. poor shakespeare - he has no idea. fortunately after the fact, he will have no idea as well (considering he is not even six months old yet). if anyone has any last minute pleas to convince me out of this horrid act... please do so here!