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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

as if this year was getting any more difficult, it appears rerun's time was up. and at 52? damnit. a while back i pursued an entreprenurial push to get in touch with mr.berry's entourage regarding a very well thought out dot-com plan (armed with a business plan and all). of course, they never really returned my attempts to reach him. so this bit of news is a bit hard to swallow in light of the tiny bit of hope that i still maintained in trying to get this individual's endorsement of my idea. the past few years has taught me that life is way too short and fragile. and just like john ritter, johnny cash and countless other celebs who bit the big one this year, fred berry will indeed be remembered.

Monday, October 13, 2003

anyone interested in a very nice digital camera that takes quality photos? well i just put my old one up for sale. i bought myself a canon s400 (4.0 megapixel) camera to upgrade from the kodak for my birthday and i can't let this one go to waste. i included some photos i took in the listing to show its resolution capabilities. this camera is badass. i just went for something smaller and frankly, more badass in the s400. give it a look if you are interested - or pass the message along to someone you guys might know who is looking for a camera but doesn't want to empty their wallets.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

tomorrow is going to be a stressful crazy one as yours truly is one of the purported lifelines for a contestant on who wants to be a millionaire. my friend tamara, harvard law grad, and retainer of unbelievable degrees of factoids is on the hot-seat. what some might consider useless info might actually serve as a ticket to a big payday for her. i am nervous as hell as i do not wish to ruin any chance of this potential loot, so my fingers are crossed and i must have looked at tons of trivia questions in the past week to get mentally prepared to process information in my 30 second window. nasty. wish me luck folks. and tamara... here's to you... raking it in. also.. a quick happy 30th birthday shout-out goes to my fellow panda bear, shagalov. damn man... now i don't feel as bad about twentynine.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

props to the red sox for not blowing last night's critical game to the undermanned athletics who would undoubtedly get spanked by the yankees in the forthcoming round. at least the red sox have a shot. and did anyone catch the colts/bucs mnf game last night? whew. that was one of the craziest endings i have ever witnessed. i could go on and on about both games but i doubt there is any interest in pro sports in my viewership. in other newz, since seems to be fully propogated now - i will begin uploading new works in my words section as well as fix up some broken links that may exist because of the transfer. end of pointless blog. thanks for reading.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

damn the internet. i actually have had trouble viewing my site because the domain name server was not fully propogated -- in plain english: you guys were seeing my site, but i wasn't (i saw my brb page). and i still don't know if it is fully propogated, but all signs are good this morning so far. what a way to begin my twentyninth year. congratulations to the chicago cubs for beating those stank braves and advancing to the NLCS. and if the red sox win tomorrow, there will potentially be a chance at a historic cubs-sox showdown that i will enjoy watching.

Friday, October 03, 2003

i am in the market for a new bedframe and could use some good sources/advice/whatever. my old steel bedframe is simply not cutting it and i am leaning towards a platform bed look. ikea has some decent deals around $300-400 for some ones that i am eyeing like the one pictured here. however, i am not really home-shopping inclined and don't know whether i am getting gaffled or not. i checked up crate & barrel and they have some obscene prices. so in a way, i see ikea's deals as optimal. so if any of you people(s) has a clue about this, please drop me a line. although i have a strong feeling that i have a limited viewership these days. by the way -- is it me, or do you also think "fight club" everytime you hear "ikea"?

Thursday, October 02, 2003

twentynine. maybe i was just not mentally prepared for it or something... but it feels a whole lot different than twentyeight. i am usually not one to give 'time' any notice, but since its the only unit we have for measuring one's growth, it is difficult to ignore. i think i should finally lose the earring too. i have been sporting a hoop earring on my left earlobe for the past eleven years (to the day) - and although i would feel weird without it, there is a certain degree of inappropriateness dangling with it. what do you guys think? oh, and no cake for kriheli. and this year i wasnt about to get my own again (see last year's blog -- archives coming soon.) big shout-outs go to: my family, derek, dave, shag, anya, vadim, clayton, monique, matthew, allegra, samantha, shahnaz, raia, sideeka, shamika, maria k., addy, eric yo, steve the warrior, paulie who is touring new zealand now, and deborah who calls me all the way from moldova to greet the anniversary of my birth. mucho props. of course all you other peeps... i am sure there is some excuse that will be conjured up that will cleverly attempt to hide the fact that you forgot. admit your faults, people - come on... i am twentynine. i am not falling for blatant, sorry obliqueness anymore :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

on the evening before the first day of my twenty-ninth "year" of existence, my left ankle (not the previously injured foot) flared up with a sort of arthritic annoying throb. sign of things to come, perhaps? i surely hope not, but i most certainly will not be surprised if it is. has made its transition to a new, more robust hosting environment on this day as well. i brought all of my other domains aboard and i will soon get up new versions of each site to coincide with the metastasis. here's to a painless future, a seamless web-transition, the resignation of rush limbaugh on espn and my upcoming deterioration by age (takes a shot of jack).