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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

so... check this out - it had me laughing all morning. i recently got approached about one of my domains ( the one where mr shagalov and yours truly team up and take a humourous stab at organized religion in the form of a comic strip. the guy who approached me wanted to purchase it, and mind you, i am not interested in selling it but i would obviously entertain offers, so i humored him. i would consider $3k+ for it because its a good name (keep in mind domains with good names go for WAY more) and i would be hard pressed at finding a similarly suitable name for the strip that would still be available as a .com.

but here goes... i will put the emails in chronological order.
Hello Mr. Kriheli,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Harold Madsen and I am interested in promoting the keeping of the Sabbath day (just as you are—I enjoyed your humor!). I would like to buy your domain name I have the God given talent, time and interest to create a wonderful website to promote not only the Sabbath day but also businesses that close on Sunday. Can we discuss this? I would be most grateful.

Best Regards,

Harold Madsen

While my co-creator of the cartoon and I are not really interested in selling the domain, we would be foolish not to listen to offers. We have been pitching the cartoon for syndication and have drawn some interest, so a change of namewould be in order if we were to sell the domain. We recently had the domain appraised and it got a pretty lofty number, but we know that in today's economy we would be foolish to mortgage our homes against a domain. What is a ballpark figure you are thinking for this potential offer?

God Bless,

Richard Kriheli


Thank you for your reply. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish: I have purchased several domain names (that are similar to your domain name) and will soon form a not-for-profit organization. This organization's goals are to promote businesses that keep the Sabbath day holy by closing on Sunday. I have felt desires to do this thing. I envision starting locally and then expanding across the states. By using the web and other advertising means, we can help businesses that choose to close on Sunday. Although my own funds are not sufficient to accomplish this alone, I am recruiting others to help. For example, I am a programmer (creator of windows and web applications). I will donate my time to the cause. I have a friend who is a graphic artist and he is donating his time to create the overall look of the website. I hope to get others to donate advertising moneys. As you can see, this is a great cause and hopefully a great movement.

About 5 of us have similar domain names and I was hoping we could band together and help each other accomplish something good. We can band together by linking to my website -- or if I could purchase those other domains then all similar domains would point to the same spot and we could get even more energy.

My hope is that you would feel the spirit of what I'm trying to do and either donate or sell your domain for a nominal fee. Could I purchase your domain for $50?

Best regards,