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Monday, March 12, 2007

from the forthcoming series - "return of the muse"

she breathes

she breathes in the balmy island air
but the wave of hurt has yet to recede
she shivers despite the sticky humidity
sweat simmers the pores of her humility
and her hand reaches to the sea, for relief
she knows it is close
she knows she must rise

she breathes beside me
in unison, we pause with baited anticipation
of discovering new moments, a new air
of uncertainty that wills itself tall
we willingly choose to break the fall

she breathes
and I breathe with her

Monday, March 05, 2007

from the forthcoming series - "fault line"

unstable grounds

why must we build the home
over unstable grounds
endangering the future, the family
with unfamilar shifts and sounds
convulsing beneath our feet
and the pavement, it pounds
the very essence of familial crust

in retrospect, they will say
we asked for it.

yes, wonder
why we tried the rounds
over unstable grounds