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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

i just checked out this site on my mac.... and it looks like a mess. ugh. why didn't anyone tell me? why didn't i check for this long? ugh. blah. ok... now that gives me the much needed excuse to redo this site again. anyone notice that it loads slowly on a pc for some reason? and sometimes gets these dumb pop up window errors. i don't get that on the mac at all, and the page loads quick. just the layout is all wacked out. microsoft needs to get its act together to be more cross-platform friendly with their browser compatibilities. this is gonna annoy me for some time until i get my isht together and design something new. this site says nothing about me anyways.... and THAT was supposed to be the desired effect.

Monday, October 14, 2002

fuck columbus day. holiday huh? unbelieveable. so why exactly are people celebrating columbus day? celebrating theft, rape and murder is i guess a normal thing in this country. its a shame what kids are taught in grade school. this is a shameful thing to be proud of as part of this country's history. you wonder why people outside of this country hate america the way they do? you can begin by reading into our historical record of mass pillage. indirectly speaking, i guess thats why clowns like ja-rule can start up record companies named "murder inc" without any opposition from corporate sponsors or the general "uneducated" public. shame on you, america!

Monday, October 07, 2002

i receive the following letter from

Several weeks ago, we informed you by mail that our editors have certified your poem "The Right Eye" as a semi-finalist in our International Open Poetry Contest. I'm writing to remind you that your poem will automatically be entered into the final competition held in October 2002. As a semi-finalist, you now have an excellent chance of winning one of 104 cash or gift prizes--including the $1,000.00 First Prize. You may even win the $10,000.00 annual Grand Prize! We wish you the best of luck as you compete for these prizes in the coming weeks.

sweet huh? well since i couldn't win my damn fantasy baseball league this year, maybe i can pull this one out so i can take a vacation with my winnings. i am honored to be even considered a semi-finalist. whatever that means (who knows? there could be thousands). if any of you care... "the right eye" can be found in the misogyny set in my poetry section or on

Saturday, October 05, 2002

today marks the 2 year anniversary since the last time kriheli carried a fulltime job. wow. to have survived this long solo i believe is quite an accomplishment. i have been working independently all this time and it has been quite a ride so far. although making your own hours and working at your own pace is great, it requires extra hard work to get everything accomplished while maintaining composure and getting adequate rest. the pay is great (at times) - way higher than any job i can take right now, but it is inconsistent. i have good months and bad months. and that inconsistency bothers me. but somehow i have managed for 2 years. go kriheli ! any creative and/or business-minded folks out there want to collaborate with me on executing some of my crazy ideas? gimme a holla.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

i got a new chair today at best buy. not exactly the herman miller aeron that i was gonna shoot for (can't find a reasonable deal on those), but comfortable enough, and won't destroy my back like the piece of crap i have now. anyway... so i go to jackson heights yesterday, in a staged plan to indulge in some indian buffet, and purchase a couple dvds that i had been patiently waiting for - for some time now. i was told by some of the store patrons out there that the dvd i was looking for, devdas, was to be released at the end of september. i hit the stores, only to be told that i have to wait again till monday. gaaaah. darn. do i go again monday in case of another delay? my problem is that i never get the phone numbers to these joints and always have to go there to see if its all good. i see the dvd popping up all over ebay, so why can't these damn stores already carry it. argh. ok... relax, kriheli. wait till monday. grrrr. damnit.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

although there is something overwhelmingly sad about getting your own cake, i find some kind of strange comfort in it. weird. thanks go out to debbie, shahnaz, samantha out west, samantha up north, sarada, maria, janice, clayton & monique, angela, allegra, laura, cynthia, shagalov, susan, akiyo, ted, eddie, marcia, derek, zaheer, mable, liana, tonia, gigi, robin, robyn, peggy, jill and yvette - for all showing me love on this awful day. extra special props to my boy, vatchpol who calls me from thailand to show some love. you rock. 28, huh? i feel it.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

i had a very interesting encounter with a real estate agent in my building who wanted to take a look at my apartment. i granted him the opportunity and he offered 100k for it. this is around 20k less than what is the estimated worth, but it is quite substantial. what shall kriheli do? take the loot, get out of debt and go to grad school? or hang on to the place for a couple more years where the value might double (i got it for close to 42k over 4 years ago). decisions, decisions. interesting how this opportunity falls into my lap as i was mulling this idea over in the recent past.