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Friday, March 11, 2005

anyone here think that they can give an adorable little puppy some love and a good home? my friend cynthia just posted this message on craigslist:

A friend of mine was given an adorable little Border Terrier and she can no longer keep her--her super has informed her that pets are not allowed in her apartment building. She was going to take it to the ASPCA or animal shelter, but I offered to give it a foster home and help find her a home--I didn't have the heart to let her go to a shelter and possibly get put down if he wasn't adopted in time. I would love to keep her myself but my two other older dogs (toy poodles) cannot keep up with her as she's very active and playful, and they are both very spoiled. "Bobbi" (as we've temporarily named her until her new parent(s) give her a new name) is affectionate, very smart and aware of her surroundings, and energetic. She's two months old and weighs about 5 pounds. If you are looking to add a new member into your family, please contact me at to schedule a time for you to take a look at her. I live in Astoria, Queens which is 10 mins. away from Manhattan on the N/W line (its 6 stops after the Lexington Avenue stop).

If you want to learn more about Border Terriers, please go to:

(click on thumbnails to see larger image)

update: the dog was adopted shortly after this post. she has a good home now.