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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

what a completely horrible day. my pc wigged out on me bigtime. nvidia graphics card and the windows operating system decided to have it out today and dragged my patience into that mess. thanks to my trusty mac, i was able to get some work done. you will seldom see a mac completely freak out the way my dell did. but overall a stressful day. i hate computers. time to devote all my energy to writing. f this crap.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

i am damn tired. i have been working on a first draft of a new short story for my possible grad school submission and could use some valuable feedback. here is a rough draft of my first paragraph which is generally the most important paragraph -- as a writer has to immediately grab attention and interest. my question here is, does this paragraph make you want to read more? any additional feedback along with it would be greatly appreciated. i am not interested in whether it is good or bad, as this is a first draft and needs a lot more work - i just would like to see if the initial idea presented is interesting enough in your eyes. thanks in advance.

Friday, July 18, 2003

KOBE!!!!!... why oh why oh why would you risk your career/marriage/image on some rocky mountain 19-year old? doesn't miss vanessa laine do it for you? dear god. alright let me stop. in other news... i got the new comments script going from enetation who has been much better to me so far than the old comments script from yaccs. the yaccs servers were way slow and this blog took forever to load on my computer (dont know about anyone else). so the comments are all refreshed... all the old comments are gone (and there were some classics - thanks to a good friend in the windy city) and i am babbling about computer stuff which makes me sound like a mega geek. excellent.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

so i finally got around to hooking up mjxm with his layout. i encourage all of you guys to check out, as he will clearly have more interesting things to say than i. but be patient with him, he is new to the bloggin-fray, but certainly not a stranger to dressing words. i know i will be frequenting the site. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

f! time warner for being ishtty with my roadrunner service. i just got a bunch of emails that i was supposed to receive in february. FEBRUARY! that is insane. fix your mail servers jack asses!

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

a very encouraging article was forwarded to me by nazzy, and i must say it has eased my tensions about the market for unpublished fiction writers. hey dave, you should check the article out as well - it should only fuel the fire. in other sloppy news, my looney partner in crime, shakespeare, turned two years old yesterday and now is officially the boss of my apartment. what a little jerk. haha.

Friday, July 11, 2003

"Hitch a ride, hitch a ride
Eagles swirl and they pick up the bones
I'll shut you down like a bank on a Sunday
The engine has no stories to tell
Because there's no-one to tell 'em to
The last drugstore has sold the very last pill
Out on the road and I am high enough, thumb's up
You're pullin' over, gonna pick me up, shut up!
The rusty wiper blades move along, in song
Having a lonely body in your car, shut up
My piece is in your ear
Movin' fast, thinkin' clear
I'll squeeze if you don't steer
And follow the line straighter!
You are the bullet, I am the gun, I won
Screw on the silencer and have some fun
Grey highway, deserting me
Hitchhiking, a pair of high-beams coming my way
Hitch a ride, hitch a ride
Treading water in an ocean of champagne
You blow a sparkplug when you see a drop of blood
And how many joyrides will it take
The sombre spasms habouring
Those pulsing neon hangovers, hang me
It's Friday night, I'm gonna fuck or fight, that's right
This time all I need is one more ride, shut up!
I'm car-jacking on a fine spring afternoon
Don't kid a kidder, don't shit a bullshitter
I'm hotter than the crack you're cookin' up, heat up
I'm colder than the smack you're jackin' up, shut up!
I'm a balloon and I am losin' air, beware
Squeek, ah, squeek
There's blood on me!
Grey highway, deserting me
Hitchhiking, a pair of high-beams coming my way
Hitch a ride, hitch a ride, hitch a ride, hitch a ride
Hitch a ride, hitch a ride, hitch a ride, hitch a ride..."

that was from tomahawk's "101 north" -- crazy song. thought i'd share.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

so i finally got a chance to check out the latest adaptation of marvel comics' 'the hulk'. i noticed that people have been trashing the film but i feel the need to ask why? i too went in skeptical after the fluffy previews. but in defense of the work, the hulk in the comics WAS indeed obnoxiously big and strong, so in a sense ang lee's version was a very accurate depiction of the character. the film moved like a comic book... with frames splitting the screen on and off (a nice touch). the story was not as strong as translation to film always means some form of compromise... but overall, i thought it was a strong comic-book movie, following the similar strengths and successes of spiderman and the xmen franchises.

Friday, July 04, 2003

uninvited. the mode of the day. interestingly enough, it feels strange to be left out of the mix especially when you do not particularly care to attend. i don't know if strange is the right word as deep thought/analysis escapes me as my almost-ready hot dogs take precedence. it is hot hot hot outside and the people are laughing and carrying about, their music is blaring, their foods and drinks intoxicating. here, its quiet. and i have nowhere to go, really. uninvited. yeah, thats the mode of the day. kicking back and looking forward to the night sky light up as kriheli flies solo this evening. independence day indeed.