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Tuesday, January 01, 2002

hello 2002. man, this year swept by with a quickness... with the last 3-4 months being obviously the hardest. personally, i have little to glow about for the past year so i am pretty psyched that it is behind me (despite my utter disregard for 'time' to begin with). so 2002 is underway, and i am going to dedicate the following year to increased productivity and betterment of self. resolutions? don't really believe in them. however, i think i am going to divorce myself from carbonated soft drinks... particularly pepsi. its a nasty addiction that has loaded up my insides with a little more sugar than desired. i don't really like soda to begin with, but it is just a nasty addiction that has been difficult to kick. my last bottle of pepsi is sitting in my fridge. i hope there is no second thoughts on the matter. i will try my best to be resiliant. a new kriheli. nice. how's that for a 'resolution'? pretty lame, eh? a happy 2002 wish goes out to everybody taking the time to read this awful excuse for a journal.