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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

the fourth annual OSCAR POOL is underway. come one come all. tell all your friends. tell all of your enemies. tell your broker, your dentist, your therapist, your parole officer. get everyone you can into this pool. i want to give away a big prize this year, not the wussy $120 we did last year. isht, i am even giving a prize to the lowest scorer. isn't that incentive enough to some of you losers? :)

Monday, February 21, 2005

what a depressing morning. this a.m., i woke up to the devastating news in hearing that last night, one of my favorite writers, hunter s. thompson, had shot himself in the head. this coupled with the miserable weather outside and having to work on a national holiday turned out to be a nice mean mix that will sit at the bottom of my stomach all day. suicide is such a self-absorbed act and a cop-out (in my opinion) and i will have a difficult time digesting that someone like this could do such a thing. i just hope this was not the result of a bad acid trip and that it was somewhat calculated (not that this would make things any better). i always thought he'd drink himself to death. for all of those that are unfamiliar with his work, i would strongly recommend his brilliant essays. check out one of the last hilarious pieces he wrote for espn's "page 2". :(

to hunter -- au revoir, you silly bastard. see you in the upside. may the everunknown be kind to you.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

So why is it that there are cops in New York City still riding on horses? I can understand Central Park police on horseback -- but on city streets? Come on. If anyone can make sense of this, let me know. I believe this is also torturing their hooves, am I not correct? Sheesh. Booo to the NYPD.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

well... my piece of isht dell tower finally sleeps with the fishes. barely over three years old, the motherboard developed some degree of alzheimers, as it no longer reads the onboard memory chips. i hate you, dell. you did nothing to deserve my love. all you did was bitch and moan and break down at every instance. my cheapie ibm server will be an adequate replacement. and it will probably suffice (although my trust for pc's are waning altogether). thanks again to my lovely apple computers who stay strong and don't wilt under the pressure of all the work i put into them, unlike you bastard, dell.

Monday, February 07, 2005

in what was easily the most enjoyable superbowl commercial this season, looks like they squandered every penny i sent to them this year in domain registration fees for it's 30 seconds of fame. and oh what a great 30 seconds it was. i hope they don't go out of business because of all the loot it takes to run a superbowl ad... although something tells me that they might just be fine, with all the crazy next-day office buzz it has generated. so maybe and other domains of mine are safe after all. hmm?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

after going for some dim sum this past weekend in chinatown, i noticed this place on my way back. luckily, my sister had her digital camera with her, and the rest is history. this is going to maxim magazine or whoever wants to publish gag photos like this. hilarious. anyone care for a trim from mei dick?