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Saturday, January 05, 2002

just checked out lord of the rings finally. i must say i was impressed with the film despite my unfamilarity with the novels and subject matter. flowed very well for such a lengthy film (that is always a good thing). i am anxious to see the next installment and will probably pick up the tolkien novels and see if i can read them sometime soon (as i have several things i'd like to read before that trilogy). it was a masterful little tale - not as complex as i thought it would be as i believe it followed a certain formula that i cannot seem to put my finger on. almost played out like one of those adventure video games... like legend of zelda. it was captivating though and the effects were amazing. i would have been in complete awe as a youngster had i seen something of this magnitude back in the day. interesting view: the underworld segment had a very homer-like feel to it, dont'cha think? or maybe milton-like? anyway... i am semi-hooked.