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Thursday, August 07, 2003

i just spent all morning creating a floorplan of my crib. i have to think about seriously bolting if i have a reasonable offer for it. it will go on the market shortly. with the increasing maintenence costs and the bleak possibility of the building rehabilitating their continual problems, i have no choice but to "see what i can get". luckily i purchased this place over 5 years ago and got it way under market. it has since quadrupled in value minus the building's issues. time for kriheli to start looking elsewhere to live. oh well.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

matthew decided to write about my foot incident today. i have to admit it is largely an accurate account of what really went down, despite it being "dressed up" a bit. it is pretty interesting how stories evolve when being passed around - for example my college nickname of "cable." i cut a days worth of classes waiting for the cable guy to show up (who interestingly enough, got locked out of his truck). my floormate, vatchpol, noticed my unease while waiting because i was missing class and would, on occassion, yell out "CABLE" in the hall - which in turn would have me running out of my dorm room like a loony. alas, a nickname was born. however, when i hear the story repeated by people who were not "there" there is great variety... like me missing up to a full week of classes. my nickname in college is an urban legend amongst my peeps. amazing.

Monday, August 04, 2003

wow wow wow wow. why oh why must they do this to me? can anyone pick up a copy of this magazine for me while i can't do much walking? i would be hard pressed to find it in my neighborhood... venturing outside of the hood is just a no-no until this foot heals. ok now that sounds funny. foot heals. i am a complete mess. ok moving on... UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE - LATE BREAKING UPDATE - i was able to pick up the copy of the magazine in my hood. not only did they stock it.. but it was on display - mya in all her glory. sigh.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

i spent a few hours sitting in a park today and re-evaluating everything about my life and surroundings. a park, mind you, that has just been re-opened by my co-op complex. part of an ongoing renovation project geared to saving the apartments. thats right... saving it. apparantly there was a court ruling against the sponsor of the buildings indicating that significant improvement be made to avoid liquidation of all the apartments and the entire complex. kriheli would be isht out of luck if that happens. in other words, bye bye 9X. to meet this lovely "improvement" - the sponsors and management tacked on a healthy $375 to my already sky high monthly maintenence payment (albeit for only the next four months supposedly). so i sat in the new park sans the tree which used to be my pitching mound in daily stickball outings as a child, and i wonder what has happened. and suddenly this park doesn't seem very hospitable anymore.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

been a quiet weekend over in kriheliville. have been doing nothing more than treating my injured foot with ice and heat compresses. i should be updating this site or working on others, but i am just not in the mood this weekend. i will soon update the words section and bring it current. i put up a few of them last week and i have about nine more to go. its just a quiet/lazy weekend and just mad lonely up in 9X and i could sure use some company.

Friday, August 01, 2003

the 2003 disaster tour continues. this past tuesday, kriheli was involved in a really ugly accident. i had my foot literally squashed by the front tire of an SUV that was a couple inches away from bulldozing me completely. i feel very fortunate/blessed/whatever that i am able to sit here today, with only nasty bruises and a strain to my right foot. i thought for sure it was a goner considering over 2 tons were sitting right on top of my foot for close to a minute before they moved the car and i was able to escape largely unscathed (or rather un-broken). i can go on and on about the incident, but i would rather put it in my past and not think about it and hope my foot rehabs quickly.