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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

an investment in real estate is supposed to be somewhat safe. i havent played the inconsistent stock market. i didnt even buy into the bo jackson craze back in the late 80s. nope. so i have been somewhat conservative with my loot - so it shouldnt come as any shock that this is part of the reason i have been a complete mess in recent months. the situation is completely getting out of hand. i bought my place back in march of 1998, for a very nice price. put down a modest down payment and the future looked bright until things went south. almost six years later, tensions are mounting, and the people in my complex are becoming unglued. the ones of the non-english speaking variety are completely losing their minds and causing even bigger rifts and miscommunications within the walls of our co-operative. i just want this whole mess to be over. if i lose my apartment due to the bank liquidating the entire co-op complex... fine. i will take the loss. but letting this drag on for years is driving me nuts. i owe about 30k on the mortgage, which is peanuts in comparison to some of the other shareholders' debt in the complex so, in a sense, i feel fortunate. i just dont want to keep paying a ridiculously inflated monthly maintenence fee (with a court-ordered assessment fee tacked on which nearly doubles it) for no reason. i will take my losses if a decision is made tomorrow not in the shareholders' best interest. but this should not drag on any longer. it is taking a toll on me. i need results. i need this judge to take a nice hit and understand this situation. i'll put some money down for mr. bo jackson to come to court with me tomorrow and represent us bad investors and put some muscle on the judge.

Friday, February 13, 2004

late this evening, i was able to finish whipping up the next incarnation of my buddy, matthew's, blizog site. although i am not pleased with the way i handled the execution of the background image, everything else on the site is solid. first and foremost... matthew's writing. trust me, and go check it out - and you will probably not ever want to read the trash spewed on again. you will be entertained for hours. secondly, check out that phat ass caricature i knocked out of him. for those of you that have met matt, you know that drawing is on point. so you all can shower me with your love, your donations and your cake. well? get on with it!

Thursday, February 12, 2004

i know i have been out of touch lately both with friends and with this stank site. all is well with me despite going through a difficult personal dilemma that i have been overcoming slowly but surely in the past few weeks. i do not intend on ignoring this blog as i will bring forth more illustrated entries. there is a new poetry set i put up at the end of december/early january - and as mentioned in a previous post, i have been writing a whole lot more. i intend on trying to get my shorter pieces published in some periodicals in the coming months and some long form fiction is definitely in the works. not that anyone really cares. but i thought i'd say something anyways, since i have nothing better to say for this entry. i am also redesigning a couple friends' blog sites, and i will provide links to them once i am done.