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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

renovation is underway at apt 9x so i will be out of commission for a few days. i am intermittently plugging my computer in to check email and isht (its amazing how dependent we have gotten collectively to computers, right? - i know many people that can testify to this). anyway.. major props to clayton as he helped me paint yesterday (this saved countless hours if i did it solo, and dollars if i hired some douchebag to overcharge me). super major props to my sister's significant other, tom... as he is doing my floors. also saving me ridiculous amounts of cash. the glue is down, most of the parquet is done already. today we will finish the office room and start knocking out the kitchen. i am assuming we will be done by thursday. i am hoping my tables that i ordered come in by friday so i can begin setting up the phatness.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

i just put up my buddy clayton's laptop for auction. i feel like a laptop broker. you got one to sell, get kriheli to do it for you. sheesh. but this is a pretty tight machine. i am a big fan of g3 powerbooks - more particularly the firewire models - but this one is no slouch. can hang with pentium III's running around 700-800mhz easily. so give it a look if you are looking for an inexpensive powerbook. oh... and if you have noticed, i got my old account at ebay reinstated. woohoo. thank heaven. back to my good standing/rating. excellent.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

whoah, here's a new layout i will probably be disgusted at within a week or so. it will suffice for now. on to business: so, after much deliberation... i decided to go with the "stix desk set" from the real deciding factor came after contacting the fools at officemax and finding that the desk that i was interested in requires 7-14 days for shipping. no thanks. my office room is being renovated next week and i can't be working on a temporary desk in the meantime. the desk i have now from ikea is busted (one of the legs are cracked - and its being supported by boxes against the corner) so i would have been deskless for some time after renovation. thats a no-no considering all my work is done online. so... is gonna be shipping my desks on monday so i should have it by the end of next week, barring any shipping issues (heaven forbid). just in time for the forthcoming 28th annual kriheli-day. woohoo. speaking of kriheli-day, anyone wanna hook me up with one of these toys for my new office? if not, there are always other cool things. this is shameful. i better stop. =)

Sunday, September 15, 2002

now.... since i just find out that eurway charges an obscene amount of money for shipping (well, they are in texas, so what did i expect?) i am forced to look elsewhere for my elusive contemporary table. i found this supa-fly set at officemax, but the pricetag is a little hefty. i guess i am gonna go with it unless i can find something better within the next few days. this office room is going to be done fairly shortly and i have to make my decisions quickly. what do you all think? anyone know any other place i could look in nyc? and please don't say ikea or crate & barrel. they blow chunks. just look at the design of the set that i dig, and tell me if you know something i can find in similar fashion, but at a better price. probably not likely, huh?

Sunday, September 08, 2002

get it while it's hot... anna's laptop is up for auction at ebay by yours truly. its a barely used machine, she just doesn't use it much and could use the ca$h towards something more practical (like my birthday present... just kidding). its in my possession at the moment, so i can tell you that its in perfect condition .... and it must go. so if anyone of you fools needs a laptop, or knows someone that does... please send them to my auction. i really should get on the ball and get my old account reinstated. had over 60 feedbacks there. =(

Monday, September 02, 2002

in my brief search for contemporary, sleek office furniture, i came across an online store, eurway, that perfectly fit my taste as well as the look of my apartment. i am planning on doing some very drastic renovation in my office room, and i believe this will be the place i will do business with for furniture. now i gotta find a floor person who will take out the carpet in this stank room and put in parquet (to match my living room) or something else perhaps.