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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Shahnaz: jan 3rd was your last blogger date
Kriheli: yes i am fairly inconsistent
Shahnaz: lol
Shahnaz: hows it going
Kriheli: doesnt it show?
Shahnaz: sometimes

Saturday, January 03, 2004

i got an opportunity to check out the paintings of domenikos theotokopoulos (otherwise known as "el greco") at the metropolitan museum of art. its always quite a humbling experience to witness the works of the great geniuses of history in person. and going along with my ramblings the past couple days about yeshua, there were quite a few works on display with scenes featuring the christ. classic artist renditions/interpretations of biblical events offer an alternate visual that can be best deconstructed by barbara deconcini's fascinating essay on art and religion that i came across on the net.

Friday, January 02, 2004

reflecting on my stab at the roman calendar in my post yesterday, i could not help to really think about what a mess religion has become in today's world. if yeshua (jesus) were here today to see the madness attached to his name (especially the overt commercialism of "christmas" and the new year holidays), he would probably be ashamed of this world. it is no wonder that there is great fear amongst religious-types that if the prophecies in the books of revelation were to indeed be fulfilled with the second coming of the messiah, it truly would mark the end of the world. why? he'd be coming into the all-time greatest let-down. not only did you mess up his name and misinterpreted his words/beliefs, you got his birthday all wrong too. what a party poop and a buzz-kill that is!

Thursday, January 01, 2004

mike patton, john zorn and ikue mori performed live last night at a small joint called tonic, in dowtown nyc and yours truly was in attendance. it was a truly nice surprise to see one of my favorite musicians (patton) performing on new years eve. all though it was a very short set, it gave me the opportunity to spend the midnight hour with loved ones with a mere 15 minute cab ride back to my hood shortly after the show. and speaking of the new year, how come blogger doesn't give me the option of using the hebrew calendar (year 5764 i believe) as an alternative? for someone like me who doesnt really adhere to manmade rules of christianity, i don't believe we should all be forcefed into following dates that were conjured up by the roman catholic church (am i wrong?).