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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


the king kong trailer has finally debuted and i have to say that i am pleased with what i see. i always felt that the task peter jackson was to undertake in remaking the classic was a bit daunting, but he appears to have done all the right things. thank heaven that this does not look like another godzilla debacle. remember the "size matters" advertisement blitz? it was a sizable letdown of monumental proportions, to say the least.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

jessica and the dukes

this cannot happen. the dukes of hazzard used to be one of my favorite television programs. daisy duke was an object of worship for little richie growing up. since hollywood has exhausted their idea bins and they must resort to bastardizing classic shows like dukes, can they (at the very least) do so with any hint of consistency? in this "boots are made for walking" video, jessica simpson OPENS THE DOOR and WALKS OUT (see: screen capture above) of the general lee! blasphemous! someone please tell me what producer or director allowed this monstrosity to manifest? i am baffled. surely jessica (who is oddly very britney-like in this video) is clueless that she is debasing the very name of 'good ol' boys.' nevertheless, jessica looks very, um, perspicacious throughout.