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Wednesday, January 30, 2002

RKriheli: i cannot believe this an actual story published on cnn. have people lost their minds?
RKriheli: hmm, let me see... lets ban an intangible force
aelitnof: LOL
aelitnof: well if satan is banned, we should ban god too.
RKriheli: i wonder if god is down for bingo tonight
aelitnof: *laughs*
RKriheli: i need to go to that town and make some noise
aelitnof: hell, i'm right there with you.

on the other hand... i am convinced all this unusual death activity in the past 3 years parallels some biblical prophecies of rapture. while not exactly matching it word for word, something profound is happening. now do i sound like a lunatic like the folks of inglis, florida? sheesh!