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Monday, June 21, 2004

ZZZZZZZ.... Alright, I know I have been piss-poor about my blog regimen. Not only have I not been updating this site, but the quality of the blogs are crap at best. Less than adequate from someone who claims to be a writer. Granted that most of my energy has been devoted to producing my first long-form novel ("Faith") and trying to solicit new design clientele -- there is still no excuse for lethargy. So I apologize to my dwindling audience that is getting dangerously close to being extinct. But here is my promise: I am going to inject this page with a heavy dose of caffeine starting today and start pumping out entries even if I have nothing to write about. Lyrical vivarin if you will. You might be miffed, bored, annoyed, turned-off, surprised, intrigued, whatever... when reading the forthcoming madness, but at least there will be more content. But I won't be shocked if you guys have had it with me altogether. A word of added warning though: This blog in high doses could cause adverse side effects that can include nervousness, anxiety, headaches and irritability. Oh wait, thats already happening. =/