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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

as some of you might have known due to my previous journal references on the matter, my co-op complex had been going through quite a difficult time in recent years. there was a fear amongst the shareholders that we were going to collectively lose our investments and be forced to look elsewhere to live. part of the reason i have been quiet in recent months can be attributed to this fear and the stress that came with it. early last month we had a breakthrough in our negotiations, and in court, in which a new investor came through and successfully bid to save our complex and our investments. although it was a very positive time, i wasn't about to pop the champagne until the closing of the deal was met by the deadline. today. now i don't know exactly what went down in the past 24 or so hours, but the fact that no one has lunged from the roof to their death is a good indication that the closing went through smoothly. tomorrow, we are under new ownership and i can breathe much easier knowing that i am not losing my investment, and that i actually have a net worth! in addition, a quick shout out goes to debbie nip and monique williams: happy birthday, you crazy hoes. live it up :)