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Thursday, October 02, 2003

twentynine. maybe i was just not mentally prepared for it or something... but it feels a whole lot different than twentyeight. i am usually not one to give 'time' any notice, but since its the only unit we have for measuring one's growth, it is difficult to ignore. i think i should finally lose the earring too. i have been sporting a hoop earring on my left earlobe for the past eleven years (to the day) - and although i would feel weird without it, there is a certain degree of inappropriateness dangling with it. what do you guys think? oh, and no cake for kriheli. and this year i wasnt about to get my own again (see last year's blog -- archives coming soon.) big shout-outs go to: my family, derek, dave, shag, anya, vadim, clayton, monique, matthew, allegra, samantha, shahnaz, raia, sideeka, shamika, maria k., addy, eric yo, steve the warrior, paulie who is touring new zealand now, and deborah who calls me all the way from moldova to greet the anniversary of my birth. mucho props. of course all you other peeps... i am sure there is some excuse that will be conjured up that will cleverly attempt to hide the fact that you forgot. admit your faults, people - come on... i am twentynine. i am not falling for blatant, sorry obliqueness anymore :)