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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

tomorrow is going to be a stressful crazy one as yours truly is one of the purported lifelines for a contestant on who wants to be a millionaire. my friend tamara, harvard law grad, and retainer of unbelievable degrees of factoids is on the hot-seat. what some might consider useless info might actually serve as a ticket to a big payday for her. i am nervous as hell as i do not wish to ruin any chance of this potential loot, so my fingers are crossed and i must have looked at tons of trivia questions in the past week to get mentally prepared to process information in my 30 second window. nasty. wish me luck folks. and tamara... here's to you... raking it in. also.. a quick happy 30th birthday shout-out goes to my fellow panda bear, shagalov. damn man... now i don't feel as bad about twentynine.