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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

matthew decided to write about my foot incident today. i have to admit it is largely an accurate account of what really went down, despite it being "dressed up" a bit. it is pretty interesting how stories evolve when being passed around - for example my college nickname of "cable." i cut a days worth of classes waiting for the cable guy to show up (who interestingly enough, got locked out of his truck). my floormate, vatchpol, noticed my unease while waiting because i was missing class and would, on occassion, yell out "CABLE" in the hall - which in turn would have me running out of my dorm room like a loony. alas, a nickname was born. however, when i hear the story repeated by people who were not "there" there is great variety... like me missing up to a full week of classes. my nickname in college is an urban legend amongst my peeps. amazing.