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Sunday, August 03, 2003

i spent a few hours sitting in a park today and re-evaluating everything about my life and surroundings. a park, mind you, that has just been re-opened by my co-op complex. part of an ongoing renovation project geared to saving the apartments. thats right... saving it. apparantly there was a court ruling against the sponsor of the buildings indicating that significant improvement be made to avoid liquidation of all the apartments and the entire complex. kriheli would be isht out of luck if that happens. in other words, bye bye 9X. to meet this lovely "improvement" - the sponsors and management tacked on a healthy $375 to my already sky high monthly maintenence payment (albeit for only the next four months supposedly). so i sat in the new park sans the tree which used to be my pitching mound in daily stickball outings as a child, and i wonder what has happened. and suddenly this park doesn't seem very hospitable anymore.