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Monday, February 21, 2005

what a depressing morning. this a.m., i woke up to the devastating news in hearing that last night, one of my favorite writers, hunter s. thompson, had shot himself in the head. this coupled with the miserable weather outside and having to work on a national holiday turned out to be a nice mean mix that will sit at the bottom of my stomach all day. suicide is such a self-absorbed act and a cop-out (in my opinion) and i will have a difficult time digesting that someone like this could do such a thing. i just hope this was not the result of a bad acid trip and that it was somewhat calculated (not that this would make things any better). i always thought he'd drink himself to death. for all of those that are unfamiliar with his work, i would strongly recommend his brilliant essays. check out one of the last hilarious pieces he wrote for espn's "page 2". :(

to hunter -- au revoir, you silly bastard. see you in the upside. may the everunknown be kind to you.