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Thursday, October 03, 2002

i got a new chair today at best buy. not exactly the herman miller aeron that i was gonna shoot for (can't find a reasonable deal on those), but comfortable enough, and won't destroy my back like the piece of crap i have now. anyway... so i go to jackson heights yesterday, in a staged plan to indulge in some indian buffet, and purchase a couple dvds that i had been patiently waiting for - for some time now. i was told by some of the store patrons out there that the dvd i was looking for, devdas, was to be released at the end of september. i hit the stores, only to be told that i have to wait again till monday. gaaaah. darn. do i go again monday in case of another delay? my problem is that i never get the phone numbers to these joints and always have to go there to see if its all good. i see the dvd popping up all over ebay, so why can't these damn stores already carry it. argh. ok... relax, kriheli. wait till monday. grrrr. damnit.