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Thursday, September 19, 2002

whoah, here's a new layout i will probably be disgusted at within a week or so. it will suffice for now. on to business: so, after much deliberation... i decided to go with the "stix desk set" from the real deciding factor came after contacting the fools at officemax and finding that the desk that i was interested in requires 7-14 days for shipping. no thanks. my office room is being renovated next week and i can't be working on a temporary desk in the meantime. the desk i have now from ikea is busted (one of the legs are cracked - and its being supported by boxes against the corner) so i would have been deskless for some time after renovation. thats a no-no considering all my work is done online. so... is gonna be shipping my desks on monday so i should have it by the end of next week, barring any shipping issues (heaven forbid). just in time for the forthcoming 28th annual kriheli-day. woohoo. speaking of kriheli-day, anyone wanna hook me up with one of these toys for my new office? if not, there are always other cool things. this is shameful. i better stop. =)