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Thursday, April 18, 2002

ok... i have a new host in doteasy. if anyone elects to move there... use me as a referral (username: kriheli). =) anyway i am gonna get back into the swing of things with my blogging, as i have not been doing that for a while due to all the transfer bs that i had to go through. with that said and done, all is back to normal. there even might be a new layout coming, depending on if i have time to work on one. in other newz, i have been selected as one of the participants in a survivor-type, online reality game amongst bloggers (most of which are from australia) and i am determined to haul ass on that site... so i am gonna need some support from you peeps. the contest is called "get out of my car" -- so if you are a kriheli supporter, this would be a good time to show your love. =) and, of course i'd be very grateful. oh and root for camielle too... if i don't win, at least one of my linked peeps should. =)