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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

mine mine mine! new monitor for kriheli. joy. yay. 18.1" LCD badass. which means bye bye to the 19" CRT. as i type... there is 7 hours left to the auction. if it doesn't meet my reserve price i will list it again and give it another try (and i will post the link here, just in case anyone wants the monitor that just got replaced). this is a pretty badass monitor as well... but CRT monitors screw with my eyes. in the 6 or so years that i have put into the business of graphic design, my eyesight has slowly degraded. i used to have 20/20... now i squint a lot. i am afraid to even find out my current eyesight results. but switching to the LCD gives me a flat panel for both my mac and pc now... so its less strain on the eyes. ok i will shut up now.