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Monday, August 26, 2002

i'm about to enter some poetry contest (i actually opened up some unsolicited email and was intrigued by the cash prize) at now i don't think i have the material that can compete with seasoned poets but its worth a shot if the entry is free (i know i know... nothing is free... they are probably using my email and selling it to some list, bla bla...). nevertheless, i am giving this thing a shot. it has a 20 line maximum as the only real constraint. with that, i reviewing some of my work and i am trying to find something worthy. perhaps some of you people can help me here. if you tell me which one you feel the most (under the 20 line max), it would be greatly appreciated. i would hate to submit something out of bias... because i have my preferences too... and some pieces that i like more than others, don't exactly fly over well with most people. i dunno. help a whiteboy out. i got till the second week of september to decide. if you haven't read any of my stuff... it is a lot more interesting than this blog (at least i think so). so give it a look... and help me out. (note: my poetry is listed in sets on the right column towards the bottom). thanks.