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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

i picked up a super cheap ibm server from some guy on craigslist that was bouncing out of town. i got a pretty sweet deal on it and i think i will replace my current pc with this by gutting that piece of isht dell that i have and loading this sucker up. it has a faster processor than my home pc, but it needs some work with other parts. what is it with dell, anyway? i guess the old adage "you get what you pay for" rings loud and clear here. everything about my three-year experience with dell machines has been quite a disaster. i thought it was just a pc thing since i am a biased mac-supporter - but once i got my hands on some ibm machines, my views have skewed considerably. they make - by far - the strongest, most durable machines with top quality parts. ibm has re-established my faith with the pc world and going forward, i will stick to their machines to take care of my pc side. i know there are rumblings that they will cease to produce computers and there is also a rumored apple merger (which would be a dream for me) - but until all that transpires... they will have my support. f.u. michael dell.