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Monday, December 20, 2004

as of may 2005, nine years will have passed since i have been in school. i finished my undergrad days on a snowy mother's day back in 1996 at syracuse university. i have long carried the itch to return for grad school, but have balked many times for lack of time & money to do so. but damnit, i want that mfa in fiction writing . i think i am going to make my attempt right now - as a part time student, while i still have a semblance of sanity remaining and while i am not old enough to be a potential classmate's father. my school of choice is columbia university, but i do not believe they offer part-time graduate programs. nevertheless, i am sure there are many schools that do - and some which offer short-stay resedencies while completing programs off-site. i will explore them. if anyone has any experience with such programs, give me a shout as i would definitely like to talk to students that have gone through this or are currently in similar situations.