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Sunday, July 25, 2004

with the next star wars installment hitting theaters in a little over ten months, mr. lucas finally revealed the title for the franchise: the revenge of the sith. george, oh george, what are you doing? yes, it is slightly stronger than the last two yawn-able entries, the phantom menace and attack of the clones. however, it really does nothing for this amazing story. and it re-establishes my theory that george has way too much involvement in the creative process. i am sure his staff collectively gagged upon hearing the decision on the title. i am also sure that it is too late to suggest to mr. lucas that he should really just do nothing but oversee the project and let his creative staff take the reins and really approach the potential of it. yes, he has a fairly large staff over there at lucasfilm figuring into numerous different important roles, but mr. lucas' fingerprints are all over everything. i bet even the trash cans in the office look like r2d2 or some crap. speaking of crap, i can go into a serious rant about the screenwriting alone, but will refrain - offering up nothing but "the dialogue blows, george... please lay off of it." this latest episode had all the makings of the most pivotal and powerful episode since the original trilogy, really shaping up to the "real" prequel that everyone has been waiting for. alternative title ideas? how about the rise of the empire or the fall of the republic or even more poignantly the fall of the jedi? come on, george! after all, there is serious implication in episodes 4-6 that the jedi have been destroyed with only yoda and obi-wan surviving (other than anakin/vader, himself). i won't delve further into geek-talk, but you get the picture. the movie is coming and i am getting excited again, despite already being let down by something as simple as a marketing decision. i hate seeing potential get wasted.