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Friday, September 26, 2003

can anything be more unstable than a damn windows-run pc? i am having yet another crisis with the pc getting the "blue screen of death" and not allowing me to do anything. i am performing disk checks, hardware checks, yadda yadda... and nothing is working. i have gone to my pc expert buddies who all think its one thing or another. and over twelve hours later i still dont have an answer and i am still staring at a blue screen. i don't get it. i never have problems like this on my mac. i have been a mac owner/user for seven years now and i have yet to have an all out blitz like this. i once had to wipe my drive because i improperly installed some bad files, but damn... if i did that on a pc, i would probably have it defecate on me. a big F.U. goes out to dell computer for making these pieces of sh*t.