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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

i cannot believe that i have not put together a completed piece of fiction since 1998. it absolutely wrecks me that i cannot execute like i used to. i do not suffer from 'writers block' (actually, i dont believe in it... and have never had it) nor am i at any shortage of ideas for storytelling. its just not happening. i need to re-evaluate my approach to it and re-acquaint myself with the written word, i suppose. i hope i can get past this because its driving me mad. till i can get my flow back on... i will try to round up more peeps for the second annual oscar pool. come on, you know you wanna do it. and don't pull that "i haven't seen any of the movies this year" crap. last year's winner didn't either. its just a fun guessing game. entertain me, fools!