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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

richard: i have to disagree with the article
kendall: well, then say so --
richard: because most bloggers are not writers at all
kendall: Absolutely not.
richard: just because you can kvetch out a paragraph a day about who pissed you off doesnt make you a writer
kendall: it takes work to craft blog entries
richard: bloggers are almost threatening to devalue journalistic writing, because of this grand misconception. blogging is nothing much more than instant self-promotion. writers can 'use' blogs, not the other way around. though i can see the trend and there are bound to be some bloggers that turn into overnight successes and publishing gods.  but the day a random blogger (who has never published anything other than their daily kvetch) wins a pulitzer, i will eat my words.
kendall:I agree wholeheartedly