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Monday, June 30, 2003

with the influx of all the large-scale disaster dreams that i have been having in the past few months, i have two recent anomolies amongst the pack to report. two seperate dreams where disasters have been thwarted. both of them involved airlines. first one is one of a plane dropping out of control and i, myself, hysterically broke into the empty cockpit where i established communication with a control tower and managed to land the plane - a la william striker in the "airplane" series, but not nearly as funny. the second dream came last night and it was a smaller airline in which there were three individuals other than myself on the plane and it was having trouble with takeoff and went directly into the water, and for some reason my main concern was preserving the life of my LAPTOP?!?!? i grabbed it and we all pretty much escaped the train under the water, but my laptop obviously took serious water damage. but i was alright with it because it was under warranty. go figure. odd dreams to say the least. but in a way i am psyched that pending disasters vanished in the two dreams.