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Thursday, June 13, 2002

Hello Richard,

I want to thank you for the time you took to interview with us at bigchalk. Although your background and skills were impressive, we did offer the position to another candidate whose experience and education most closely fit the needs of this position.

We wish you much success in your job search and again thank you for your interest in bigchalk.

Debbie Mikulak
Sr. Director of Human Resources
bigchalk, inc.

well thanks debbie. i hope the new candidate works out for you. these people have little idea what they are talking about. education? what does that have to do with it? sheesh. gaffled once again. maybe its time to retire from the industry for real. if i can't swing a simple job like this, why even bother? much like tyson taking a few shots by a lesser lennox lewis (arrogant douche) and graciously hitting the canvas one last time, i believe time has come to bow out.